On the Day You Turn One

And just like that, you were one year old.

This time, last year, your Daddy and I were enjoying our last ever night as a duo. I was anxiously awaiting your arrival and, little did I know, in 6 hours' time my water would break.
Tomorrow, your Daddy and I have so many plans of adventure and fun to celebrate this wonderful year we have been so lucky to have shared with you.

You, my sweet son, are more than I could've ever imagined.
I'd heard becoming a parent was a milestone, a gift, but I never knew it could be this wonderful.
I have no expectations for you, other than for you to be the absolute happiest you can. Your squeals of delight make my heart soar, and your smile melts my very soul.

Your tiny, itty bitty little feet have brought such happiness into my heart and home, and I could never imagine my life without you.

Happy Birthday, my little Andrew.
I love you more than you could ever dream.

Cuddle Fairy
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