Don't Blink

'Don't blink.'
A phrase so short. One that we've all heard so often that it's become a cliche.
And yet, here I sit, mouth completely agape at the fact that my little baby is only days away from his first birthday.

It truly feels like only yesterday that I was doing one of the toughest things I've ever done - I never knew how quickly a year could pass.

This time last year, I was begging time to speed up. I couldn't bear the thought of being pregnant another day. I was huge, uncomfortable, and beyond anxious to meet my baby.

While I am a tad emotional that in less than a week I will be the mama of a 'toddler' rather than an 'infant', my heart leaps at all the adventure this year will bring. This year, those sleepy newborn snuggles will be replaced with sticky, slobbery kisses. The gurgles and coos will lead to first words. Those crawls across the floor will grow into footsteps around the house. 

I look forward to every second. 
Sometimes, those days seem so long that you forget how short the years are. I hope this year I remember not to blink.

Until next time, 


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